Worm Gear Clamps, hi-Torque Worm Gear clamp Manufacturer in India, France

  • Worm Drive Hose Clamps
  • We manufacture Worm-drive hose clamps in which the metal band clamps with screw tightening mechanism are the foremost well-known varieties. However, although they give the impression of being similar initially glance, they're not all the identical.
    some designs are manufactured with incisions within the metal band and bevelled edges to avoid scratching or cutting into the hose. Other designs are similar but are manufactured without taking note to such details for economic reasons. These hi-torque worm clamps are the fashion meant when concerning jubilee clips. They feature a helical-threaded screw, or cogwheel, which is housed within the clamp. When the screw is turned, it acts sort of a worm drive pulling the threads of the band. The band then tightens round the hose or tube.

The high clamping force makes this a heavy-duty jubilee clip with availability as stainless-steel or steel hose clamps, these are ideal when space is restricted or hard to succeed in. NOT recommended for soft or silicone hose. for little hose assemblies, consider mini worm-drive hose clamps.

We E.E.M.I. manufacture & supply Worm Drive (Worm Gear) Clamps. These Clamps mainly consists of 4 components viz. the captive screw, housing, band & underlap. When the screw is turned, it acts as a worm drive pulling the threads of the band, causing the band to tighten round the hose. These clamps are used for multiple applications in Automobile, Heavy engines, Irrigation, Marine, Railways, Tractors, Pneumatic connections, transmission line joints, Chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial usages in India and abroad.

Thanks to punched slots of the band, the worm threads are engaged through and across the band thickness. This will help to capture sliding or slipping the worm screw which over the band at high torque loads with High tensile quality of hard S.S. band the threads are extremely strong to face stresses of high worm Screw driving torque. Securely spot welded position of the housing below the band is narrow and helps in distribution of uniform radial thrust everywhere the contact area of the clamp to the hose. E.E.M.I. Spot welding construction provides better strength compared to riveted construction. Corrosion resistant chrome steel material for all components keeps the mechanism smooth and intact even after longer use.