E.E.M.I Radiator Hose Pipe, Air intake Silicone Hose Pipe Manufacturer, Exporter in India, France

  • Coolant Radiator Hose Pipe

Our E.E.M.I. RADIATOR HOSE multi-directional test carriage allows Hose & Silicone to prove our Turbocharger( CAC) and AIR input hoses, under severe conditions at over 230°C.

E.E.M.I. manufacturers Turbo- bowl, and input air intake silicone hoses are used by numerous OE vehicle manufacturers. They're ideal for joining pipes of analogous or differing compasses – reducers, turbochargers, intercoolers, and air input systems. manufacture charge air cooler hoses for both hot and cold-side operations.

Polyester reinforced fabric – For ‘ Cold- side ’ hoses or, hoses where service temperature doesn't exceed 180°C. Silicone air input hoses are specifically designed for use in the turbo-bowl and input systems on exchanges, motorcars, passenger buses, creators, road machines, and numerous other vehicles and artificial operations where either rigid or flexible connections where either rigid or flexible connections with high, multi-directional movement are needed.