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  • Intercooler Silicone Hoses
  • E.E.M.I. Intercooler HOSES is a smooth flowing pipe that runs to the throttle body to insure you achieve maximum power from your vehicle.

    What's the function of intercooler Sock?
    The intercooler HOSES( Charge Air Cooler HOSES) are designed to reduce energy consumption while adding the machine power and effectiveness. The intercooler's task is to reduce the temperature of the bay gas and therefore densify the air needed which optimises the combustion.

    Basically, there are two types of intercooler hoses air- to- air intercooler Sock and air- to- liquid intercooler Sock. Air- to- air intercoolers are generally mounted in the front of the machine bay for getting a hold of air coming from outdoors.

we E.E.M.I. are manufacturers, exporters of colorful types of intercooler hoses for colorful automotives. A leak in the intercooler lines will fail to supply the needed quantum of air under the optimal pressure, thereby affecting the air- energy rate of the machine.

This will either beget the machine to run rich orlean.However, the redundant energy will be expelled with the exhaust feasts, If the machine runs under a rich condition.

Our biggest advantage among other challengers is our quality as well as the possibility to produce any silicone sock product in the shortest time possible, all thanks to the great product capacity.