Air Filter Hose, O'CUATRO Engine Air Cleaner Hose Manufacturer, India, France.

  • Air Filters Hose

These air precleaners consist of a steel housing with static vanes and a stainless rotor mounted on double ball bearings on a double welded steel plate. Inlet perforated metal pre-filter is standard. The outlet tube can be adapted with the supplied reducing sleeves for a variety of outlet choices.

O'CUATRO engine air pre-cleaners are powder coated for a durable, corrosion resistant finish.

O'CUATRO engine air pre-filters are usually installed in place of the rain cap, dust pan or aspirated pre-filter (exhaust system). In some applications they can be mounted directly on the air filter. Air enters the system through a pre-filter which removes large debris. It then flows through static vanes causing the air to spin. As air spins, centrifugal force separates dust, dirt, insects, rain and snow from the airflow. The swirling air drives a high-speed rotor that acts like a fan blowing contaminants.

out through special discharge ports at the bottom or side of the unit. Only purified air flows to the air filter elements.

  • Remove up to 90 % of impurities from intake air before the air enters the filter elements.

  • Extend engine air filter life up to 10 times.

  • Reduce down lime by up to 50%.

  • Prolong engine and turbocharger life.

  • Save up to 10 % on fuel costs.

  • Easy to install. Three plastic outlet reduction sleeves are provided with each assembly.

  • Wide range of applications and flow rates.

  • Steel housing, powder coat.

  • High air flow, low differential design.

  • The pre cleaners are self-powered and self-cleaning, requiring no electrical or exhaust gas power to dispose of separated particles. They require virtually no maintenance and should be inspected occasionally to insure that no foreign material has plugged intake or exhaust port areas.