Fluorosilicone Lined Silicone Hoses, Fluorocarbon Hoses Manufacturer, India, France

  • Fluorosilicone Hoses

Purpose Uses

  • High Temperature Oils, Petrol, Diesel, Air Turbo Charger

    Fluorosilicone Hoses are lined with Fluorosilicone rubber for resistance to grease and fuel and their mists, and certain chemicals within the Charge-Air-Cooler, SCR, or EGR systems. Flurosilicone includes a vast temperature range, from 80°C up to150°C. However, when the hose is reinforced with Polyester, it should be used at a maximum of +150°C. When reinforced with 100% meta-aramid, together with specialty Silicone-rubber grades, a Fluorosilicone-lined Silicone Hose is used at higher temperatures. At Shore Auto, we E.E.M.I. use a special grade of Fluorosilicone Hoses , which not only has exceptional adhesion to synthetic rubber but also has outstanding resistance to grease, fuel, and other chemicals, at elevated temperatures. it's a grade that has been specifically developed in Japan for Turbocharger hoses.

E.E.M.I. Fluoro Silicone lined hoses are suitable for fuel filler hoses. we can supply a large range of straights, elbows and reducers in diameters from 6mm to 152mm. E.E.M.I. Fluoro Silicone lined hoses are available in Black colour. FluoroSilicone hoses are essential where contact with engine oils or fuel would soften and perish a typical silicone hose. Viper FluoroSilicone lined hoses are available to shop for online. Fuel & oil silicone hoses are designed to attach metal pipe work and components in systems that contain hydrocarbon fluids like petrol, diesel, oil and solvents. The fluoro Silicone liner allows short term contact with these fluids and vapours, but isn't suitable for permanent transfer (fuel or oil lines), or immersion in fuel or oil.

Apart from the fluoro liner these hoses are constructed to the identical standards as our water & air silicone hoses. they need the identical ability to keep up material flexibility over the lifespan of its use, where in some conditions, rubber hoses are in danger of splitting, hardening, or dry rot. Silicone could be a porous material and so not suitable for oil or fuel. Fluoro silicone liners, are specially formulated to forestall oil from penetrating the wall but we might not recommend these for Fuel lines, or heavy use of Fuel Filling. Standard synthetic rubber is porous, therefore not suitable for oil/gas and fuel.