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  • Heavy Duty Hose Clamps
  • The hose clamp is meant to secure a hose over a fitting, by clamping the hose down, it prevents the fluid within the hose leaking at the connection. We E.E.M.I. are one of the best manufacturer, exporter and supplier of various types of hose clamps for various industrial purposes. Hose clamps providing attachments include anything from car engines to rest room fittings. However, hose clamps will be employed in a spread of various industries so as to secure the transportation of products, liquids, gases and chemicals.

There are four overarching categories of hose clamp. Each different hose clamp is employed counting on the sort of hose in question and also the attachment at the tip. As one of the foremost regularly used hose accessories, questions surrounding the utilization of hose clamps are frequent and plentiful. The subsequent guide will explain, the various varieties of hose clamps available, their uses, and the way to worry for your clamps. the various industries within which hose clamps are utilised.

A hose clamp is firstly attached to the sting of a hose. This fringe of the hose is then placed around a selected object. The clamp now has to be tightened, securing the hose in situ and ensuring that nothing from inside the hose can escape. How do hose clamps work - Heavy Duty Hose Clamp normally, screw/band hose clamps tend to not be used for ultra high-pressure scenarios, but instead are used frequently in lower-pressure environments, moreover as when a fast fix is required, especially within the house.

We are serving to several vehicles & engine manufacturers in India and abroad. Also we are regularly supplying as O.E. to large reputed establishments from various sectors. Our E.E.M.I. Clamps are used in, Automobile sectors, Tractors, Heavy Diesel engines, Earth Moving Equipments, Electrical, Cable Jointing kits, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Filtration, Irrigation, Marine Applicaiton, Construction and lots of other general applications.

E.E.M.I. is an industry in India with European technology providing engineered clamping solution for diverse applications in sectors like Industrial, Automotive-especially these clamps used in Construction, Agriculture, Off Road vehicles, Filtration, Food & Beverages, Oil and Gas, Renewable energy.

We manufacture clamps that deliver highest quality, thanks to their application-oriented design, and adaptability to improvise overall product performance. we've the correct product knowledge, engineering excellence, technical know-how, ability sets to produce great value to a cross-section of dedicated customers and user base among market segments across nationwide.