Stainless Steel SS Wire Hose Clamp, Single Wire Clamp Manufacturer, India, France

  • Single Wire Hose Clamps
  • E.E.M.I. hose clamps are fast and straight forward to installation. The no steps or gaps on the within band makes the inner circumference of the clamps for a 360° leak-free and safe seal. the surface interlock, smooth band and burr-free edge prevent hoses from damaging during installation.single hose clamps are available in stainless-steel material for superior corrosion resistance. Plus, one tool for all ear clamp sizes.

E.E.M.I offers the slimmer version of the one wire hose clamp. The only wire concentrates the clamping force in one specific area round the hose. Single wire clamps may be used on such applications as household appliances (laundry machines, dishwashers, etc.), heating and air-con systems, automotive and truck industry, off-road vehicles, utility vehicles (lawn tractors, golf carts, etc.), snowmobiles, boats and private watercrafts.