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We E.E.M.I. ARLIN SILICONE HOSES PVT. LTD. Are the manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of best-performance silicone hump hoses worldwide. Hump hoses are made of multi-ply corroborated and knitted ultra-expensive polyester fabric with anti-high temperature silicone rubber, finagled for extreme temperature and colorful pressure ranges where high-performance situations are needed.

Silicone rubber hump hoses have a useful life that's far superior under conditions that would beget the deterioration of numerous corridors made of typical organic accouterments, it’s typical parcels are as below High-temperature resistance Electrochemical declination resistance UV, and ozone resistance.

The silicone of our product with its unique parcels provides resistance to numerous energies, canvases, and detergents, including gasoline Silicone rubber, is noted for its water resistance. It has an extremely low degree of water immersion and its mechanical parcels show minimum change, indeed after long ages of absorption E.E.M.I. straight Hump connector corroborated silicone hoses are used in a huge range of operations ranging from exchanges, motorcars, high-performance product buses, Formula One CARS( F1), World Rally buses( WRC) & Saloon Car Racing( traveling Auto).

Polyester-corroborated Silicon Hoses are more generally set up in Radiator, Coolant, Turbo & Intercooler operations.

The capability to fluently cut any Silicone sock to the needed length is one of the main reasons professionals & suckers likewise choose to work with silicone.

The formulated multi-layered corroborated construction makes them ideal to replace old rubber hoses and particularly suited for all custom coolant plumbing operations and forced induction installations.

Our Hump Hose Features :

High-Performance conditions with excellent trust ability in all conditions.
Easy to replace, cut, and acclimatize to your pipeline needs.
Erosion resistant
Operating Temperature-50 °C to 180 °C Hump hoses are used to make slight adaptations when erecting your input. These hoses have a crunching ability that they can compress into a specific press for giving outstanding performance