Flexible Silicone Hoses DPSC, Heating Hose Silicone Polyester Manufacturer, India, France

We manufactures, exports and supplies the most effective quality flexible silicone hoses which are highly suitable and operatable for customized workmanship. because of the applied corrugated form within the hoses, it's possible to bend them easily on the correct radius or within the specified shape. The silicone hoses easily withstand high and have superb functionality up to 180 ° C.

Ideal temperature for these flexible silicone hoses is -60 degree to +180 degree within which silicone polyester material is employed.

We provide complete custom design services for every kind of applications. We work with the foremost demanding industries like the food process, automotive and aerospace. We produce silicone hoses and ducting with a good style of constructions and reinforcements like aramid, fiberglass, and polyurethane in step with our customer's needs. We are experts in creating high-quality silicone hoses, our products are developed, tested, and authorized to satisfy the very best quality standards.

Silicone hoses for the foremost successful companies with the aim to assist them increase their process performances and reduce machine downtime and maintenance cost.