• Heating Flexible Neoprene® CR-CL Hoses Polyester DP2

Heating hose silicone polyester DP1 – 1 reinforcement


  • Extruded 1 Nylon / Polyester braid reinforced silicone Hose From 6 mm to 152mm. -50 +150. 2 reinforcements.

    We EEMI manufacture, supply and export HEATING FLEXIBLE NEOPRENE CR-CL HOSES POLYESTER DP-2 of excellent quality. They are flexible with Dimension 6 mm -152 mm Temperature range -50 Degree C to 150 Degree C 2 reinforcements. They are made of Silicon Nylon with 2 layer.


Data sheet
Type Flexible
Temperature Rating -50°C to +150°C
Material Silicone Nylon
Layers 2 layer